Our Approach
One Earth Ventures spends much of its time researching technology and executive teams that can make a difference in the world on a very large scale.

We work with companies from early stage through all stages of growth and reinvention. We seek established companies seeking to improve their business processes, to grow and expand through channel partnerships and other forms of marketing, and want further business development, innovation, strategy and funding.

When evaluating potential companies we look at three main areas:

  • Technology – best in class, transformational, patents awarded and pending, big market potential, net impact to environment, good economics, market readiness, competitive advantage, scaleable
  • Team – vision, experienced, confident, driven to make a difference, know what they don’t know
  • Traction – business model, purchase orders, sales, existing funding, momentum, great potential for high growth

Once we have selected the best in class technologies we work in partnership with these companies to co-create and refine business models or plans, expand sales and marketing strategies, strengthen the executive team, and provide whole systems thinking to maximize return on investment as well as global potential.

Sectors of Interest


A dirty secret of recycling is that not many plastics are actually recycled. About 80-90% of plastics have water or dirt on them and get trucked far away to landfill instead, creating truck emissions on its way to the dump. One Earth Ventures has identified smart, new technologies that can turn these waste streams into fuel using a very low emissions process to generate local revenues local biofuel and green jobs, and reduce pressures on landfills. Medical wastes may be converted to clean, green liquid fuels with close to zero emissions. Materials that may be converted to fuel include medical wastes, municipal solid wastes, tires, plastics, bio materials such as agricultural waste, sewage, industrial production scrap materials and other wood waste byproducts. Using our expertise in systems and technology we can design, provide planning and structure financing and business models to redeploy these resources for local community use. Using these technologies to regenerate local economic development we offer regional sustainability consulting to increase local innovation and economic strength by redeploying waste streams into revenue streams.


All natural seed treatment to feed micronutrients to seeds prior to planting, yielding a significant increase in crop production. This treatment also increases nutritional density of crops for protein, vitamins, minerals based on customized treatment to impact local or regional health. All natural fertilizer treatment to increase bioavailability of fertilizer, increase crop yields, reduce runoff to minimize water pollution, and reduce amount of fertilizer required. Water purification and treatment, waste water treatment, water innovations. Renewable energy systems integrated into water pumping and treatment to address the “water-energy nexus” and reduce cost and energy.

RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS: Solar, Wind, Low Head Hydro, Hydrogen, Energy Storage

Advanced technology for green, efficient, cost effective renewable energy production at the micro-grid scale, or utility and grid scale. Best in class energy storage controller systems, energy storage, We work at the utility scale with larger projects and welcome inquiries for projects and initiatives with companies, project developers, NGOs and financial partners.