Gail Work, Founder & CEO

Gail Work
Gail Work, Founder and CEO of One Earth Ventures has a 20 year background of success in strategic business development, sales and marketing, starting and growing businesses and consulting to organizations on leadership development, strategy, innovation and change management. Gail has spent much of her lifetime in the political arena, working for election integrity and renewable energy, and developing a vibrant community of friends and colleagues across the personal, business and political spectrums. She brings a deeply curious, transorganizational, cross disciplinary perspective to clients in understanding all facets of business: start-ups, financial, organizational and political. As a catalyst for interdisciplinary innovation she facilitates creative synthesis of social and cultural intelligence with adaptive and unique approaches to facilitate new thinking and business models. She thrives on developing client potential to make a difference at the largest scale possible. Gail holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University and an undergraduate BS in Conservation of Natural Resources from UC-Berkeley. She is a strategic, whole systems thinker who brings devotion and integrity to her work and strives to find match-making and partnership opportunities for clients to achieve win/win opportunities.